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Seal Productos specializes in providing heat sealing belts for the tissue industry

The company supplies different industries, however it is focused in offering the best products for the tissue industry.

Founded in 1990, Seal Productos is a Spanish company specialized in sealing belts for the tissue industry and other markets. In the latest Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui talked to Luca Caramori, Sales Director at Seal Productos, and they discussed the company’s processes and products.

They specialize in the production of sealing belts and have a large range of products available. Their production is completely based in the north of spain and the company also has a sales office and a warehouse in Luca, Italy.

According to Luca, there are several applications for its products, Seal Productos supplies different kinds of industries, however tissue is their main focus. The company supplies 100% of the Spanish tissue converters.

“The key to our product’s success is that we have been growing with our customers in the field, at the feet of the machine, so we know very deeply the process and can take care of the client’s individual needs,” Luca commented.

Seal Productos is always growing and innovating its processes.

“We developed new belts as well for wrapping and packaging and we have a proprietery system to produce these pads,” he said. “We also developed so much the base of the belt as well, the fabric and the coatings of the fabric” All of these accomplishments made Seal to achieve the best performing belts in terms of the lifespan and quality of the sealing.

Customer have been very receptive to the  Silver Belts. “We have a product in particular that is a combination in between the coating of metal (aluminum) and PTFE. The way we produce it with our tracking system makes this product unique and it’s very versatile with different types of plastics in the packaging. We recently discovered that it is also very good for paper packaging as well.”

Seal was a pioneer in this application, and worked with some companies, they discovered Silver Seal is a fast heat transfer material. So, they put in the first heater bar station, in a high temperature, and as a result the paper was completely well sealed. These companies are using the same belts, on the same machines, to wrap both, plastic and paper.

Sustainability has become more and more popular. In Europe, companies are already developing products that are wrapped and start to eliminate the poly wrap and starting to include paper wrapping into their processes because it is more sustainable. Those trends will start to be seen around the globe as well, and Seal is really at the forefront of developing a belt that is able to seal paper.

Luca also shared some news. Now the North American customers have a way to acquire Seal Productos products quickly, since the company has announced the agreement with The Kinetic Co. to distribute their products for the American, Canadian and Mexican markets.

“We are very proud of this agreement, Kinetic is a leader company in the manufacturing market. This will be good for both of us,” he finished.

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