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Servipap and Maxima deliver a new corewinder model Coretech 140

The customer was impressed by the ease of operation and the high speed achieved during production tests

Servipap is a company that serves the tissue converting industry with a wide variety of tissue converting machines and services. The company is constantly expanding its offerings in machines and services as its markets evolve with current demands.

Together with Maxima, an Italian company specializing in research and development, manufacturing and customer service of equipment for the tissue industry, Servipap completed one of its latest projects: the delivery of a new corewinder model Coretech 140 as a repeated order for a US based customer.

The model Coretech 140 can produce cores with two plies at high speed (up to 140 m/mt) but even more Interestingly for this specific case, single ply cores up to 110 m/mt or 38 cores/min.

The main technical aspects that allow Coretech 140 to achieve high productivity are:

  1. Innovative cutting system of the formed core made by a rotating saw that is synchronized with the advancement of the core and provides a clean and precise cut. It can be adjusted in depth according to the basis weight of the products so that it enables good performance with most coreboard.
  2. An appropriate guiding system of the stripe, so that glue positioning is well controlled on the entire process.
  3. A nozzle application that engages to control the lower width of glue required by single ply production.

Flying splice change of cardboard reels, combined with a loading arm provide continuity and good efficiency of the system so that the operator can also accomplish other tasks required on the entire line.

The customer was impressed by the ease of operation and the high speed achieved during production tests.


In December 2020, Servipap and Maxima held a live demonstration at Maxima’s facilities in Lucca, Italy.

More than 150 customers from all continents have taken part in Maxima’s Live Demo of Prime line. During the live event, Maxima could present The Unitech Rewinder, with innovative “bulktech technology” and products have been shown (both toilet paper and kitchen towel) without any loss of embossing from beginning to  end.

The line was shown at speeds of 550 m/mt and up to 40 logs, with easy adjustment and quick changeover (lamination/embossing patterns were changed in a matter of minutes with the use of Maxima’s dedicated crane systems for steel roll replacement). Positive comments have been received from all participants and additional private sessions were performed in the following days.

“The teams at Servipap and Maxima wish to thank all attendees and we are looking forward to welcoming you on our premises in Lucca in the future as well as in upcoming Online Live Demonstrations this year,” says a spokesperson of the companies.

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