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Servipap Expands Analysis Services and Improvements to Paper Mills and Processes

An adequate and professional consultancy helps to generate more profitability in this business unit and that is where Servipap focuses its attention

Servipap, a company based in North America (USA) and with commercial offices in Latin America and Europe, is 100% dedicated to the tissue industry.

The vital importance of controls and optimization in the manufacture of tissue paper (paper mills) is well known, especially at this time when the costs of raw materials, energy and freight are decisive in the profitability of the product. An adequate and professional consultancy helps to generate more profitability in this business unit and that is where Servipap focuses its attention on offering the knowledge and expertise of its professionals in this area.

The specific services that Servipap offers include:

  • Execution of process audits to identify improvement opportunities.

The process audit allows a detailed examination of each of the stages involved in the production process, with the aim of timely and quickly identifying all those opportunities for improvement, which will directly impact the profitability and quality of the business. This includes development of management indicators, to achieve its implementation and validation.

Flowcharts, equipment used, operating ranges, work procedures, maintenance, quality, processes, laboratories, costs, process reengineering, water treatment, safety systems, among others, are evaluated.

  • Updating and Unification of operational criteria by standardizing processes.

Each operation, no matter how small, must be standardized and with clear, precise procedures that are easy to understand and/or apply to all staff, facilitating the work of incorporating new hires.

Ensure the useful life of operating equipment by handling them correctly. Guarantee uniformity in quality. This standardization must exist in all phases of the production process (from incoming material to the final product, including raw materials).

  • Cost Reduction and Control

One of the most important aspects in industries refers to the control of operating costs. Part of the previous topics is associated with the above, since it manages to identify in the cost structure of the product, the priorities to be developed and thus improve them.

From here, the actions on these aspects are determined, such as the control of waste, excessive loss of steam, water consumption per ton, chemical cost per ton, etc. A work platform is created that allows, through indicators, daily monitoring and development of work teams to ensure the objective.

  • Laboratories and Water Systems

Ensuring the analytical credibility of quality (methodologies, procedures, calibrations, frequencies, sampling), both wet and dry laboratories, will facilitate the taking of operational actions to correct deviations. In the same way with the chemical laboratory, for the reception of raw materials and everything related to water treatment in these processes that have a relevant impact. Similarly, with the marketing area, establish the methodology to analyze the competition and identify new opportunities.

  • Evaluation, Inspection and supervision in the Rectification and Metallization of Yankees

In addition to checking fabrics, meshes, press rollers, etc. the perfect operation of the Yankee and drying system is vital for obtaining the type of tissue paper required. This service is offered by Servipap through two of its specialists dedicated to this important section of the machine.

“Along with the team of engineers with a proven track record in the manufacturing process that will support you in identifying the areas for improvement and implementation of actions that will result in greater efficiency of the process, our purpose is to work together with the paper mill team of your company and as a whole team share knowledge, experiences in order to achieve the improvements we all want,” comments Servipap.

For more information about consulting services for paper mills, you can contact SERVIPAP directly:

Emails:                                             Phones:                            +1.904.540.4335                            +1.904.501.7747

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