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Soft N Dry™ and ecoSuave diapers of Mexico partner to implement innovative technology in infant care

Advanced MicroFlex™ technology ushers in a new era in baby care, projecting a 2024 of significant transformation in the industry

Soft N Dry™ announced a definitive agreement with Tijuana-based ecoSuave Pañales de México to incorporate MicroFlex™ technology into its new line of eco-friendly baby diapers. Under the terms of the agreement, ecoSuave will receive four million units with this innovative technology in the first half of 2024, which will be marketed nationally under its own brand.

Matthew Keddy, CEO of Soft N Dry™, said “As Soft N Dry™ enters full commercialization we are delighted to announce our first major private label contract. Our partnership with ecoSuave marks a new era in our industry where product innovation delivers greater performance and value to end consumers and what matters most to their babies.  With this new sales agreement, we are poised to further roll-out our MicroFlex™ core technology for private label with grocery stores, pharmacies and online stores, new and existing baby diaper Brands looking for a diaper core technology advantage, and OEM diaper contract manufactures in key international markets throughout the Americas and Canada. This is a great start to our commercial rollout and we believe 2024 will be a transformative year.”

On the other hand, Ricardo S. Serrano, president of ecoSuave Pañales de México,said: “Our mission at ecoSuave is to be México’s most cutting-edge eco-diaper with a new generation of technology and dryness that outperforms the standard tree-pulp baby diaper core. By partnering with Soft N Dry™ we secure a competitive advantage in the market for our new line of baby diapers that utilize MicroFlex™ core technology so that moms and dads simply get a better performing baby diaper that is softer, dryer and costs less than other premium diapers on the market. With a population of 127 million, México is a hub and spoke market. We provide our new partner Soft N Dry™ with a dynamic domestic market, combined with a manufacturing prowess to expand north into the United States and further south throughout the Americas.”

The signing of this contract represents a significant step forward for both companies in the baby diaper sector, marking the beginning of a strategic collaboration with a view to a transformative 2024.

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