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Wet wipes: practicality with responsibility in baby hygiene

Experts highlighted the importance of choosing quality products and provided guidance on evaluating ingredients to ensure the health of a baby's skin

Wet wipes are a convenient option for daily baby skincare, especially for cleaning the diaper area. However, careful selection of these products is crucial, as their ingredients can affect a baby’s skin health.

“The skin in the diaper area is subject to greater absorption of these products because it is constantly moist and covered. Potential harmful effects range from allergic skin or respiratory reactions to hormonal effects, carcinogenesis, neurotoxicity, and more”, explained pediatrician Marjorie Uber.

Wet wipes consist mainly of synthetic fiber towels, known as “nonwovens” (TNT), and a moisturizing liquid. This liquid typically includes water, along with small amounts of rinse-free cleaning agents, moisturizers, soothing agents, pH controllers, thickeners, preservatives, and fragrances.

While reading the labels on wet wipes may initially seem daunting, it becomes easier with practice. It is important to assess each ingredient individually. Resources like EWG Skin Deep and INCI Beauty offer information on the functions and potential risks of cosmetic ingredients. A useful tip is to choose products with shorter ingredient lists, as they tend to be safer.

Preservatives are essential in all wet wipes to prevent fungal and bacterial contamination, allowing the products to remain safe for use. “Preservatives such as Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate are likely safer choices”, suggested the pediatrician.

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