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Who Gives A Crap uncovers post-breakup habits in the U.S.: What do they do with mementos from ex-partners?

Brand launches initiative to turn love letters into recycled toilet paper

Eco-friendly toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap has revealed the post-distress habits of Americans in the 10 most populous cities this Valentine’s Day, highlighting that more than 63% of people keep relics of relationships after a breakup.

The study, which included 2,000 U.S. adults in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, found that seven in 10 agree that physically removing mementos of their ex-partner helps them move on.

In response to these findings, Who Gives A Crap launched the “Flush Your Ex” initiative, which invites the public to send in old love letters and cards to be turned into 100% recycled sustainable toilet paper. This initiative seeks to offer a cathartic way to get rid of memories before a vacation that can be emotional for those with a broken heart.

The study also revealed that, despite the belief in the benefits of disposing of mementos, nearly a third (29%) of respondents have kept items for more than a year, with certain cities showing a greater attachment to these items than others.

In addition, 62% of respondents believe that keeping items from past relationships can affect future relationships, and 41% expect their partner to get rid of old letters and notes from their ex with no questions asked.

The “Flush Your Ex” initiative offers an alternative for those looking to close the chapter on a past relationship in a more meaningful way than simply throwing the memories in the trash. By turning correspondence into recycled toilet paper, jilted exes can help the planet while healing their hearts.

Maria Chilewicz, director of brand management for Who Gives A Crap, hopes this initiative will give people the closure they need to move on, offering a happier Valentine’s Day and contributing to the well-being of the planet with the brand’s recycled toilet paper.

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