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World’s first biodegradable menstrual pad launches in the UK

World's first biodegradable menstrual pad launches in the UK

English company Fluus has launched the world’s first biodegradable menstrual pad in the UK. Produced from cellulose plant fibers and natural adhesives, the pads begin to decompose within six hours after being discarded in the toilet and promises to be 15% more absorbent than conventional models.

The new product is made up of three layers comprising: a top sheet made from cellulose plant fibers, a patent-pending absorbent core and barrier made from biodegradable polymers and plant fibers, and a bottom sheet made from more plant fibers.

According to the manufacturer, the new menstrual pad has a decomposition similar to that of biodegradable toilet paper, so it can pass through the screens of sewer galleries and will decompose until it disappears completely, in up to one month.

With up to 90% plastic in its composition, traditional menstrual pads cannot be recycled and take about 400 years to decompose in landfills, so their disposal is considered an environmental problem.

Currently, concern for the environment has become more and more frequent and has made more than people who menstruate seek alternatives to replace common sanitary pads, such as the use of washable absorbent pants, menstrual cups and the choice of more sustainable products.

A survey carried out by Fluus with about 2 thousand people revealed that up to half of people have been in situations where they could not find an appropriate place to dispose of used pads. Seven out of ten interviewees stated that they had already been in bathrooms without a trash can and about two thirds of them said that they ended up keeping the pad in their bag to dispose of it later.

In Europe, there is an incentive for the population to throw toilet paper down the toilet, as it is a biodegradable product, thus avoiding the accumulation of waste in landfills. For this reason, bathrooms often do not have trash cans, making it difficult to dispose of non-biodegradable pads. In this context, Fluus’ innovation is pointed out as an alternative to the problem.

To learn more about Fluus and its new solution, visit the company’s website:

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