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Learn more about the July highlights of Tissue Link Americas, a program that aims to connect the entire tissue market in the Americas

Another Tissue Link Americas is on air, a program that aims to connect the entire tissue market in the Americas, with the participation of Brian Uzcategui, co-founder of Tissue Online North America, and Hector Hurtado, co-founder of Tissue Online Latinoamérica.

In Tissue Link Americas in July, the following topics were addressed:

Brian spoke about a movement that is happening in the United States, the “shrinkflation”, which is the shrinkage of products or reduction of quantity, keeping the same price for the final consumer. This is due to the high manufacturing costs that have been taking place all over the world.

Uzcategui also spoke about Tissue Online North America’s new product, the product review, in which he gives a technical presentation of tissue paper products. If you are a tissue paper manufacturer and want to export your product to the US or promote it even more, it would be very interesting to do a product review of it.

Finally, Hector spoke about Softys’ leadership in the Latin American tissue paper market; the current Chilean pulp exports, which grew by more than 11%; and on the investments of more than US$100 million that Grupo Familia will make in Latin America.

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