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“Ballet Renova”: Portuguese manufacturer bets on new communication campaign

Recognized worldwide for daring colors, lights and movements in its creations, the brand uses the body as an artistic instrument in its new action

Recently, Paulo Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova, participated in the program “Imagens de Marca”, broadcast by SIC Notícias. During the interview, he received reporter Ana Gaboleiro in one of the company’s spaces, which tells part of Renova’s history, and spoke about the desire that it continues to be considered “the sexiest brand in the world”, in addition to the variety of its seasonal products and the new communication campaign, which presents the body as an artistic instrument to communicate.

Focused on developing market-specific collections, its latest toilet paper creation is a special edition celebrating the Chinese New Year. “We have a lot of products that are seasonal. In the marketing plan for next year, for China, in practically every month there are special actions linked to special days and we try to program them all over the world”, says the executive.

With more than eight decades in the market and always following the paths of innovation by breaking the traditionalism of white toilet paper, Renova’s main differential is daring in the colors, lights and movements in its creations, which go far beyond the colorful design of its tissue papers.

Recently, the company launched “Ballet Renova”, an artistic communication campaign that works with the body in motion and reflects the brand’s positioning in the market. “We seek innovation in the way we communicate. We always try to do it differently, because we call ourselves Renova and we must be constantly renewing”, says the CEO.

Produced during the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign consists of three videos with unique artistic dance compositions. After a selection process, the artists were chosen and the videos recorded at the company’s factory.

The art developed especially for Renova highlights the company’s DNA and serves as a form of communication. “Working with the body and music was a dream we had. We had already done this with photography, video and some projects with dancers, but without movement. Since we were 30, 40 years old, we have used our bodies as a means of communication and now we have used art to, in some way, inspire and communicate,” says the executive.

The largest tissue paper benchmark in the world, Renova manufactures products for domestic and sanitary use, such as toilet paper, handkerchiefs, napkins and kitchen towels, elegant and ecologically correct for the home and body. Currently, they are available in more than 60 countries around the world, and, despite the worldwide recognition, the Portuguese company intends to continue expanding.

“We sold our brand and aspired to become an international brand as much as possible, present in the four corners of the world. Something that requires a lot of innovation and communicating in different ways, so we chose art as the territory of the brand. We always want to go further,” he concludes.

The complete video of “Ballet Renova” is available on the Renova channel on YouTube.

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