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Cascades PRO Latte: Products made with 100% recycled fiber

The new Cascades Latte collection puts the environment first.

The Cascades PRO Latte collection offers four products made with recycled paper: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and facial towels. Each product is made from 80% white recycled paper and 20% brown fibers from cardboard.

With its delicate light brown color and smooth texture, the Latte collection is a hygiene solution for office buildings, schools or any end consumer who is eco-conscious with the environment.

This collection offers a reduced environmental footprint with more than half a million trees per year that are not affected by the production of these products, it is also incredibly resistant, designed with absorption performance equivalent to white paper products.

In 2021, Cascades was named 17th among the world’s most sustainable corporations, ranking first in its sector and this recognition is possible thanks to eco-responsible products such as the ones in the Latte Collection who meet the highest environmental standards in the industry and many hold renowned Green certifications such as, Green Seal®, UL/ECOLOGO and Green-e®.

The Cascades PRO Latte collection is among the most reliable products in its category, offering a soft, absorbent and sustainable paper solution.

For more information about the Latte Colection visit the Cascades website.

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