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Cascades PRO Tandem dispensers are here for customers protection

Redesigned with no-contact mechanisms, these dispensers offer superior protection against germs, ensuring optimal hand hygiene

Following the needs of the industry, Cascades PRO offers its consumers complete hygiene solutions, welcoming an era of innovative solutions that raises the bar on hygiene, making it a feel-good experience for everyone.

The Cascades PRO Tandem dispensers were created for the consumer’s protection. Redesigned with no-contact mechanisms, these dispensers offer superior protection against germs, ensuring optimal hand hygiene.

All the Cascades PRO Tandem are designed to be elegant, modern, sophisticated, clean and 99.9% jam-free ­– the company tested more than 3,000 printed sheets with only 2 jams occurring. Both were resolved by turning the handle a few times, without needing to open the dispenser.

They claim their dispensers are made to last, no matter how many guests put them to the test.

Currently, the company also has the new Cascades PRO Tandem electronic paper dispenser, which was designed to meet all the needs of modern establishments and was developed to improve hygiene. It has an elegant and modern design and also reduces cross contamination, in addition to being easy to use. Besides having many features that allow maintenance staff to work in restrooms in a safe way and to reduce the number of times the dispensers need to be refilled.

On its website, the company classifies the use of dispensers under “3 Feel-Good Benefits”:

  • Hygienic: A clean look and touchless experience;
  • Dedign: Modern design and a family of products with a uniform style, including quality paper, to elevate the look of their clients building;
  • PRODUCTIVE: Zero-waste support mechanism, designed for quick checks and intelligent colour-coding system that allows for quick and simplified maintenance.

They finish by claiming that every feature of their dispensers has been tested, adjusted and selected by real people with real needs. Cascades PRO offers a family of dispensers designed to improve their client’s well-being as well as their hygiene.

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