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China is the country that consumes the most toilet paper in the world, reveals study

Research estimates that every Chinese person uses about 347 kilometers of toilet paper in their lifetime

Toilet paper is an essential product for everyone, but its consumption varies widely across the world. A survey carried out with 34 sources around the world, such as the University of Chile, the statistics website Worldmeter and the Austrian newspaper Der Standart, compared the amount of toilet paper consumed by each country annually, as well as by its inhabitants throughout their lives.

The study indicated that China is the country that uses the most toilet paper per year and per inhabitant, totaling 6.5 billion kilometers per year. However, the Asian nation is not the first in terms of per capita consumption: it is estimated that each Chinese person uses around 347 kilometers of toilet paper in his lifetime.

In this regard, the good surprise was Portugal, which, despite having around 10 million inhabitants and an area of ​​92,200 square kilometers, is neither the most populous country nor the one with the largest area in Europe but has the highest average number of toilet paper consumed by people throughout their lifetime, using about 1,035 kilometers in total.

In North America, consumption is also quite expressive: Americans consume 1,020 km in their lifetime and Canadians, 630 km.

In Latin America, it was found that Chile is a major consumer of toilet paper, with 443 kilometers per person during their lifetime. Brazil also has a good rate, with consumption of 266 kilometers per inhabitant.

Argentina, in turn, is one of the countries that consumes less toilet paper, with 198 kilometers per inhabitant over a lifetime. Then come Uruguay, with 186 km, Colombia, with 142 km, and El Salvador, with 135 km.

At a global level, the country in which the inhabitants consume less of the product in their lifetime is Nigeria, with five kilometers; followed by Indonesia, with 26 kilometers, and Romania, with 49 kilometers. As a result of these data, it was concluded that 4 billion people in the world do not use paper.

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