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Clearwater Paper and Charter Next Generation: transforming plastic waste into innovative sustainability

A strategic partnership to introduce advanced recycled polyethylene in tissue products, leading the way towards circular economy and responsible production

Clearwater Paper Corporation has announced a strategic collaboration with Charter Next Generation (CNG) to launch a groundbreaking initiative that incorporates advanced recycled polyethylene into its private label tissue products. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to transform challenging-to-recycle plastic waste into new plastic materials, providing a sustainable alternative to the use of traditional resins and contributing to Clearwater Paper’s sustainability goals.

“CNG is providing a competitive edge and is leading the way in transforming waste plastics into useful products. This advancement is critical to our success in meeting and exceeding sustainability goals for Clearwater Paper,” said Mike Urlick, senior vice president and general manager, consumer products at Clearwater Paper. The initiative, backed by Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus certifications, ensures traceability and responsible material management throughout the supply chain.

Increasingly environmentally conscious consumers will find these products to be an environmentally friendly option. Traci Greco, Clearwater Paper’s Director of Purchasing, said: “Clearwater Paper supports the principles of circular economy and has a strong legacy of prioritizing the sustainability of the products we make. Clearwater Paper is committed to responsible sourcing and to partnering with innovative suppliers like CNG who are aligned with our core values”.

Kathy Bolhous, CEO of Charter Next Generation, expressed her excitement to expand the partnership with Clearwater Paper and jointly lead the way to more sustainable circular packaging solutions.

Heidi Moilanen, Senior Product Development Manager at Clearwater Paper, concluded: “This collaboration allows us to take advantage of the new materials made possible by the development of advanced recycling in support of circular economy principles.”

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