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Cloud Paper donates 100,000 rolls of toilet paper to a nonprofit organization

The Seattle-based company donated 100,000 rolls of toilet paper to the Food Lifeline, which will distribute them to its network of 300 food banks and shelters

Cloud Paper is a Seattle-based company that manufactures fast-growing bamboo toilet paper and focuses on caring for the environment and the community.

One of its founders, Ryan Fritsch, knew that he wanted to do something meaningful in his life, to help others and fill a need, but he did not expect to find his purpose in toilet paper.

According to The Seatlle Times, Cloud Paper donated 100,000 rolls of toilet paper to Food Lifeline, which will distribute them to its network of 300 food banks and shelters.

The company was created based on the principle of saving the environment and has expanded its focus to help communities.

The brand’s toilet paper is soft, with three layers, carbon neutral deliveries and packed in recycled packaging. The product offered by Cloud Paper does not use trees, it is made of bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world, which absorbs more carbon and releases more oxygen than trees. Bamboo also grows again almost immediately, so there is no deforestation.

With the arrival of the new wave of Covid-19 in November, the scarcity of basic products such as toilet paper increased exponentially due to the panic buying of consumers.

“That meant the shortage was ramping up,” said Fritsch. “And it was the holidays and I wanted to do something good for the community.”

“We really wanted to stand for something good beyond the core product.”

So Cloud Paper, a company that cares about people, started an Instagram campaign, “Double Tap to Donate a Roll”. For each like, share or tagging in a post, the company will donate a roll of toilet paper to Food Lifeline, in addition to the 100,000 rolls it has already donated.

Toilet paper is in “high demand” at Food Lifeline, according to a statement by Linda Nageotte, the nonprofit’s president and CEO. “While all of us might be experiencing a TP shortage right now, it can be a day-to-day reality for many in our community without a pandemic.”

“It’s a necessary, daily product with a high retail price that is very seldomly donated,” she said. “Our clients often have to choose between buying groceries and an essential daily item, such as this.

With the 100,000 donated rolls, it’s unlikely Food Lifeline clients will run out of toilet paper for a while. Cloud Paper intends to keep donating into the new year.

“As our company has grown, so has the volume of donations,” Fritsch said. “Our motto is‘ We Roll Different, ’and in these times, we’re adapting it to,‘ Let’s Roll Different, Together. ‘”

See the full story in The Seattle Times.

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