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Essity 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report highlights Business Ethics and Human Rights

The document lists the company's initiatives regarding its code of conduct, anti-corruption program, as well as standards with global suppliers

For Essity, conducting business in a socially responsible manner is part of its corporate DNA, with a zero-tolerance approach to unethical business behavior and violations of human rights in the value chains in which it has influence.

In this sense, the company released the Essity 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report: Business Ethics and Human Rights, in which it lists its actions related to the topic.

In the document, the company provides more details about its code of conduct, which is based on international standards and related legislation, and guides how employees should act, how the company operates and its commitments to human rights, including the rights of children. This code is widely and rigorously implemented across Essity and its subsidiaries.

In addition, Essity has an anti-corruption initiative that includes due diligence programs for business partners, employee training programs and risk analyses. For the company’s employees who have frequent contact with external stakeholders, annual anti-corruption training is mandatory.

In this context, the company has a Global Supplier Standard to ensure responsible business operations and respect for human rights across the company’s supplier base. This standard contains requirements concerning to quality, product safety, the environment and chemicals. Compliance with these principles is a key factor in choosing suppliers and other business partners.

The document also lists actions related to compliance and monitoring, audit processes, as well as encouraging an open and honest culture, in which all employees can report suspected violations of the code of conduct or legislation – according to Essity, it does not Retaliation will be tolerated against individuals who submit reports in good faith.


For Essity, greater impact can be achieved by collaborating with organizations that share its ambition to improve global hygiene, health and equality. In 2022, the company invested approximately SEK 37 million in more than 400 projects.

With key partners like the United Nations Foundation, the company focuses on sharing knowledge and raising awareness of what it takes to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its work to raise awareness of stigma and break down taboos related to hygiene and health are examples of how Essity can play an important role in society and participate in the global public debate around issues related to hygiene, health and well-being.

For many years, the company has been a strategic partner in the “Global Handwashing Partnership”. In addition, it supports the “Hand hygiene for all” initiative together with WHO and UNICEF in Mexico, whose objective is to guarantee access to products and services for hand hygiene in countries and areas where they are limited. Through the partnership with Unicef in Mexico, it also highlights the rights of children and young people in relation to health, education and gender equality, with a focus on hand hygiene and menstruation.

As a way of contributing to the global dialogue on improving hygiene and health, driving social progress and enabling solutions, the company has regularly published, over the last 15 years, the report “The Hygiene and Health Report”, in cooperation with the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (SHF). The report contains new insights and relevant actions and has been the foundation for engagement with stakeholders to drive urgently needed change.

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