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First Quality creates proprietary manufacturing process

The StreamCare process allows toilet paper brand Panda to be made from less tree pulp without sacrificing quality and absorbency

With over 30 years in the market, First Quality serves institutional and retail markets throughout the world. Its trusted, household brands include Prevail®, Cuties®, Plenty®, Panda®, and Incognito®.

The sustainability actions carried out by the company began more than a decade ago, with the recycling of materials such as cardboard tubes that could be repurposed to make packaging, the leg cutouts from diapers that could be melted into raw materials, and pieces upon pieces of materials that could be converted to energy using the co-generation plant.

Since then, First Quality has been innovating with its sustainable actions, its Panda brand is produced in the USA with attention to quality, safety, sustainability, and responsible sourcing practices of domestic and imported materials.

According to the company, every roll of Panda bath tissue starts with high quality, sustainably sourced tree fibers, however once it’s flushed these fibers end up in streams and other water sources which negatively impacts natural ecosystems.

So, First Quality created a proprietary manufacturing process called StreamCare. This process allows Panda brand toilet paper to be ecologic, produced with less tree pulp without sacrificing quality and absorbency.

This eco-friendly tree-saving technology allows Panda bath tissue to create high-quality paper while using fewer trees.

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