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FPInnovations’ releases schedule for interactive applied tissue course

FPInnovations has released the schedule for its interactive tissue course, which takes place online from October 26 to 29, 2020, in sessions from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST.

The course is open to participants from around the world who are looking for a better understanding of properties, testing, fabric making, performance and conversion. It will also feature live online demos, as well as interactive question and answer sessions, activities and questionnaires to complement the lectures.

It is offered in collaboration with tissue partners Cristini, Fabio-Perini, Kadant, Solenis and Toscotec, who will bring their respective knowledge to address important topics such as fabric making process and equipment, fabric creping and chemical operation and converting fabrics.

Course material will be available in advance and participants will have access to course recordings for future reference.

Through interactive lectures, the course will allow participants to learn how to test fabric properties and improve fabric performance through optimization, gain in-depth knowledge of the fabric making process, fiber physics and fabric performance, and understand the cellulose pulp paper in fabric making and how it affects the properties of the fabric.

The Interactive Tissue course meets the requirements of continuous professional development for a variety of professional assignments, including engineers. A certificate will be issued to participants who complete the four days of the course.

For more information, to view the schedule or to register, visit FPInnovations.

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