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Georgia-Pacific received 2021 SmartWay Excellence Award from US EPA

Georgia-Pacific earned the award in the shipper category, and for the fourth time

Georgia-Pacific received the SmartWay® Excellence Awards from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for outstanding environmental performance and leadership in their supply chain operations. The company is one of 12 logistics and shipper companies to receive this distinction, representing the best environmental performers of SmartWay’s nearly 4,000 partners. Georgia-Pacific earned the award in the shipper category, for the fourth time.

The KBX Logistics, Koch Industries affiliates, together with GP, also received the SmartWay® Excellence Awards.

“Georgia-Pacific’s long-standing partnership with KBX enables us to better serve our customers by managing efficient delivery of our products”, said Christian Fischer, President, and CEO of Georgia-Pacific. “Earning the EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award is an example of how preferred partnerships with companies like KBX are important in helping us provide our customers and consumers better alternatives than what they have while consuming fewer resources”.

Georgia-Pacific encourages all carrier partners to be registered SmartWay Carriers. Carrier partners who join SmartWay can utilize the free tools to measure, benchmark, and track their efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy. Additional efforts to reduce air emissions include investing nearly $27 million within the last year at its Green Bay Broadway mill to replace the final coal-fired boiler with a natural gas boiler that produces steam for process use and power generation. The mill’s sulfur dioxide emissions were reduced to zero, while the nitrogen oxide emissions were reduced by 90%.

The company is also scheduled to spend more than $14 million to take down and remove coal-handling systems, coal boilers, and other obsolete equipment and buildings.

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