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GP and Arbor Day Foundation remain partners during Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong rebrand

In order to offer products with a purpose for consumers, Georgia-Pacific recently relaunched its Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong sub-brand to offer a sustainable product, with premium quality and comfort

Georgia-Pacific recently relaunched its Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong sub-brand to provide what one could say is a two-for-one deal. Combining both a sustainable bath tissue product that consumers can feel good about purchasing, while being able to enjoy the same premium comfort and quality.

“Consumers today often believe they have to choose between bath tissue products that are either comfortable or sustainable, and we don’t think they should have to choose,” said Vivek Joshi, General Manager of Retail Bath Tissue at Georgia-Pacific. “When we decided to relaunch the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® sub-brand, our vision was to produce the same comfortable bath tissue our consumers know and love, but to do so in way that ensures they can feel good about purchasing a product that’s made with the environment in mind. While we are the experts when it comes to developing a more energy and water-efficient manufacturing process, for the tree plantings it was important to us to work with experts like the Arbor Day Foundation® who can help ensure that the plantings are done in the appropriate areas and are well taken care of at the proper stages for healthy forest rehabilitation.”

What can consumers expect from this rebrand? Consumers can expect to see new packaging hitting store shelves now, as well as a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation® in order to help bring this “three trees planted for every one used” promise to life. Two of the three trees are planted through the Arbor Day Foundation® and one is planted by Georgia-Pacific’s suppliers. By the end of 2021, over two million trees will be planted across the U.S. through the partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation®, with more plantings to come in future years.

The plantings vary in location, but will be reserved specifically for forest restoration efforts in the U.S., and will not include areas such as tree farms.

No pun intended, but sustainability has always come naturally to GP and its brands. From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and shipping products, sustainability is at the heart of Georgia-Pacific’s practices. As an example, the company continues its work to protect forests with high conservation value, including a decade-long effort to map 6.6 million acres of endangered forests and special areas in the 19 states where it sources wood. The company also has set aside more than 7,400 acres on its properties for planting vulnerable tree species such as Longleaf Pine and American Chestnut that are critical wildlife habitats.

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