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Happy National Toilet Paper Day!

Check out some fun facts about this product that is so essential in our lives

Happy National Toilet Paper Day! Every year, in the United States, National Toilet Paper Day takes place on August 26, the day on which the first roll of TP was sold, in 1871.

In honor of that day, we separated some curiosities about this product that is so essential in our lives and health in general. Check out!

1- Before the toilet paper, a series of different solutions were used: stones, clay, sponges, ears of corn, hay, leaves, wool and fruit peels were used in the bathroom at one time or another.

2- Over or under? About two-thirds of Americans prefer their toilet paper to come off the roll over the top.

3- Did you know that packaged toilet paper was not even sold commercially in the United States until 1857? The inventor, Joseph C. Gayetty, produced the product and had his name printed on all the sheets.

4- Toilet paper is produced with very short fibers that allow it to start disintegrating moments after getting wet. This allows it to dissolve in the septic system.

5- The average person in the United States uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year and an average household flush about 80,000 sheets a year.

6- Toilet paper is specially designed to decompose. Even though they look similar, toilet paper and facial tissues are not the same. The fibers used to make toilet paper are very short, which allows the paper to start disintegrating seconds after it gets wet. This design allows the paper to dissolve in septic systems. Notably, after being wet, toilet paper still retains about 15% of its dry strength.

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