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In the first Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui and Joel Andersen discuss various topics related to Tissue Online North America

They discussed what followers can expect to see and how it can benefit suppliers to the tissue industry by promoting their products on this digital platform built around social media.

In the inaugural Talk Tissue, Joel Andersen, VP of Marketing at Tier 4 Advisors, interviewed Brian Uzcategui, co-founder of Tissue Online North America. They started discussing some of the history of Tissue Online.

“Tissue Online started about 11 years ago in São Paulo, Brazil, founded by Felipe Quintino”, says Brian, “he noticed that many of them [players in the tissue industry] weren´t aware of what other companies were doing within that same industry in brazil, so he got a light bulb on in his head and created a portal that allows all of the industry in Brazil to interact with each other or to at least know what other companies are up to or doing”.

All these years later, the company is immensely successful in Brazil, many of the suppliers and the manufacturers of the tissue industry have bought into the idea, and now they are the premier site for anything related to the tissue industry in Brazil

The two main differences between Tissue Online and Tissue Online North America are, basically, the countries and the language. Tissue Online covers mainly the Brazilian market and is strictly all in the Portuguese language. Meanwhile, TONA’s content will be provided in the English language and primarily focusing on Canada and the USA.

Whoever is following Tissue Online North America is currently seeing daily content being published. Most of the news are about 3 minutes long and give the followers a quick daily update of what is going on in the industry.

Currently the content is being supplied and provided by press releases from the manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

“Those press releases are being published on our website providing our followers a one-stop news source that people can come to every day and get an update”, says Brian.

People can expect that kind of product on a daily basis. Fresh content of suppliers and manufacturers of the product.

The co-founder also explained that Talk Tissue is an interview program with a host from TONA and a gest leader from the industry on a one-on-one interview basis.

“We will talk about what’s happening within their organization. What do they see? What´s the outlook? What are they seeing for the future within the industry or at their company? Or it gives them an opportunity to divulge their information to the industry in a video format”.

Brian also mentions another TONA program called Tissue Panel, which will consist of an opportunity for players in the industry to come together and discuss relevant topics about the latest and greatest information that exists within the tissue industry.

That content will live on the website and in TONA’s social media platforms, so it gives companies the opportunity to allow their content to go viral in a way that has never happened before for the industry.

“I believe in the tissue industry, so it´s a great opportunity for the companies to really take advantage of this platform and our modern technology that we have today”, he says.

If a supplier to the tissue industry wants to partner in a marketing campaign, the process is straightforward. Tissue Online North America has different packages that are available that allow your content to be viewed by people in the thousands at one shot.

Suppliers to the tissue industry can hire the company to provide press releases, banner profiles, video interviews, tissue panels and a multitude of other things.

Interested parties can get hold of TONA trough LinkedIn, trough the website, trough any other social media platform. All the packages can be customized to make sure it fits what the client needs.

“Our company is basically two and half months old, we´re still growing and we encourage those suppliers of the tissue industry to reach out to us and grow with us. I think you will see a lot of benefits from a small startup company within the tissue industry and we look forward to seeing you online” he states.

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