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iT’s Tissue 2022: Technological Excellence

The event dedicated to excellence in the field of tissue technology, takes place from June 6th to 10th in Italy

iT’s Tissue 2022, an event dedicated to excellence in the field of tissue technology, is fast approaching. From June 6th to 10th, the 11 founding member companies of the Tissue Italy Network will open the doors of their facilities to introduce visitors to the latest technological innovations for the industry.

Lucca will be the heart of the event and iT’s Tissue not only provides a wonderful opportunity to visit Italy as a center of excellence in the sector, but also to become more familiar with the country’s outstanding culture.

iT’s Tissue is a unique event of its kind, in which it will be possible to discover the benefits associated with the use of the latest technology. It is also an opportunity to get to know the members of the network, benefit from their experience, share skills and create a convergence of ideas, values ​​and quality standards.

Make sure you’re there too!


To bring the future within reach, the companies in the iT’s Tissue network have put in place a strategic plan with a common goal: optimization. And today that means saving in terms of production costs in an eco-sustainable way.

The focus of iT’s Tissue is on technology aimed at streamlining production process, from the selection of raw materials to the handling of finished goods, promoting new ways of collaboration in the context of Industry 4.0.

At the heart of it are the major issues which will determine the industry’s path to progress, with the common factor being an increasing commitment to implementing efficient management plans that respond to the need to create profit and minimize costs.


Since meeting the needs of consumers has become more complex, using the latest generation software and hardware has become essential to ensure the delivery of controlled, safe and quality finished products to the market.

Relying on an up-to-date IT system means working efficiently, ensuring a safe environment for employees. The flow of data managed directly by software allows savings in time and energy, optimizing the entire supply chain and preventing the damage and production stops that inevitably affect quality.

The resulting benefits are tangible: faster delivery times and reduced use of resources, and hence compliance with international protocols on environmental protection.


How does iT’s Tissue contribute to safeguarding the planet? It does so through protocols that Network Members apply in their facilities, which include meeting energy needs through the use of alternative and sustainable sources.

An example is using exhaust gas as a clean fuel, which prevents the unnecessary consumption of electricity, and limits CO2 emissions. Also promoting the sorting of waste to ensure that where possible, waste from processing is re-used as by-products and as a source of energy, limiting the use of fossil fuels.


Digitization is a further step towards the future. Automation systems allow machines to operate autonomously and efficiently, exploiting every opportunity to improve performance. Continuous control over the quality of materials, aligned with production standardized for the needs of consumers and respectful of the environment, saving costs and energy, are all added values, and targets to be achieved.


iT’s Tissue 2022 is just around the corner. Participation in this unique event is essential for those who wish to get to the heart of technology and innovation. It is the ultimate meeting place for encountering the latest technology, sharing market perspectives and gaining in-depth knowledge.

iT’s Tissue is the reference point for those who have the ambition to improve their company performance, and who seek concrete solutions for the future, presented first hand. You’ll find it all here!

If you want to keep pace with what’s new, take part in the fourth edition of iT’s Tissue by clicking here.

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