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Kimberly Clark insures public it has ‘more than enough’ toilet paper to cope with demand

A BARROW-based toilet paper manufacturer has reassured the public that it has ‘more than enough’ supplies to cope with demand if customers begin panic buying.

Kimberly Clark in Barrow has squashed concerns that the nation may face another toilet paper shortage if the country goes back into lockdown.

The manufacturer said it had seen a ‘moderate increase’ in demand for Andrex toilet tissue, but it has ‘more than enough’ products to ensure a steady supply across the UK.

Ori Ben Shai, managing director at Kimberly-Clark, UK & Ireland said: “We are currently seeing a moderate increase in demand for Andrex toilet tissue and we have more than enough product in our distribution centres to ensure a steady supply across the UK.

“Our supply chain to our retail partners is running smoothly and based on learnings from earlier in the year we’re confident and well equipped to respond to, and meet, increased demand when required.

“We always encourage our consumers to shop normally to help shops keep up with demand and ensure everyone continues to have access to essential products like Andrex.”

The statement comes after a number of supermarkets announced they were introducing limits on some supplies including toilet paper.

Tesco and Morrison’s have both said they are limiting sales of key items including toilet roll, dried pasta and flour to prevent a repeat of the panic-buying in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

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