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Kimberly-Clark launches campaign on the differential of the Scott 1000 line

The new ad campaign “The Clogging” shows how to avoid toilet clogs with the brand's toilet paper

Toilet paper brand Scott, owned by North American Kimberly-Clark, has launched “The Clogging”, a new advertising campaign that shows how to avoid unwanted clogs caused by discarding products in the toilet.

In a creative approach, narrated as a horror movie story, the brand features a young woman clogging up the bathroom at her in-laws’ house, because she is not using the toilet paper from the “Scott 1000” line.

“We know clogging your own toilet is frustrating in itself, not to mention the added anxiety when it happens in public,” says Ken Champa, U.S. senior marketing director for household care and Scott at Kimberly-Clark.

According to Champa, the intention of the brand was to show the public that the unwanted moment presented in the video, can be avoided with the use of toilet paper “Scott 1000”, a product with anti-clogging technology and “which is trusted in flushability and value”, he highlighted.


Scott 1000 Toilet Paper has 1000 septic-safe, non-clog sheets per roll that have been doing the job since 1913.

Check out some product differences:

  • America’s No. 1 long lasting brand
  • 100% biodegradable paper, safe for septic systems and does not clog
  • Made in the USA from domestic & imported materials
  • Free of perfumes or scents
  • Sustainably sourced & FSC-Certified

To watch the full video of Scott’s campaign, click here.

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