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Kimberly-Clark releases first FSC certified 100% bamboo product

The Kleenex® ECO toilet paper was released by the company’s Australia team

As part of Kimberly-Clark’s 2025 goal of reducing our natural forest footprint by 50% the company is working to increase the use of sustainable alternative non-wood fibers in its products.

Thus, K-C is excited to announce the launch of Kleenex® ECO toilet paper, its first 100% bamboo product certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The product also uses recyclable paper packaging.

Kleenex® ECO toilet paper was launched by the Australian Kimberly-Clark team who are proud of the project as it gives Australian buyers an environmentally friendly alternative without compromising the softness, strength and absorption that buyers expect from Kleenex® products.

“This project required a lot of innovation and determination on the part of our local team, and we thank them for their continued commitment to help make our essential products with the smallest environmental footprint,” said K-C on its LinkedIn page.

Learn more about the company’s Forest Footprint goals:

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