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Kinetic participates in the WOW Virtual Conference

It was the company's first time participating in the event that took place remotely this year.

From the 25th to the 27th of August this year, The Kinetic Co. participated for the first time in the WOW (World of Wipes) Virtual Conference, which happened remotely due to the growing Covid-19 pandemic and social isolation.

For Kinetic, this event happened at the right time and, because it was held in a virtual way, it was an opportunity to show attendees the products and services that the company offers to several markets around the world.

“It helped Kinetic to reach out to the marketplace and let all know that we are a leading supplier to the industry for the specialty parts and services that are required to manufacture nonwoven wipes of all kinds and formats. In addition to informing that we have the ability to supply quickly as we have the experience, the personnel, and the manufacturing base in the USA and UK that can make it happen ”, said Frank Jocewicz – Kinetics’ Technical Manager (Tissue/Nonwovens)

In order to capture the feeling of a “real” environment, the company organized one of its conference rooms with samples and pieces of important products, in addition to hanging an institutional banner. These strategies were well received by customers, industry professionals and Kinetic employees, who felt a sense of “normality”.

The WOW event allowed the company to expand its reach in an industry that worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the nonwovens wipes market.

According to Jocewicz, the company “has had spikes in demand for parts and services before when past more ‘typical’ flu season begins in earnest, some years worse than others, before the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, in this case, the demand for wipes of all types sky-rocketed to an unprecedented level never seen before and our customers were in many cases running full-out 24/7”.

The great demand stimulated the flow of new ideas to the nonwovens wipes market and for Kinetic it has been a great experience to participate in some projects that can lead to a stronger and more diversified market.

Although face-to-face and personal conversations did not take place as usual, the virtual method of the conference was a very effective way of meeting new people and potential customers, initiating an important way of communicating and doing business for the company.

“As a general and heartfelt statement, all us at Kinetic would like to thank all the individuals and companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of nonwoven wipers that help keep our associates, families, and loved ones safer from Covid-19. We know that it has been hard work to date and there is much more to do before we can claim victory against the virus. Your efforts are so very much appreciated and from Kinetics’ part we will be there when you call on us for Parts and Services to help keep you keep operating and meeting the requirements of your commercial and public customers. We are truly in this together”, Frank Jocewicz concluded.

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Kinetic is a company specialized in the manufacture of industrial knives and hardened wear products. Its goal is goal is to equip their customers with the best, longest lasting knives in the packaging, paper, plastic, metals, and wood industries.

To do so, the company has highly trained employees, the best metallurgical equipment available, the best cast and rolled steel and an excellent facility.

For more information please visit or contact them directly by call 414-425-8221

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