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Microblade seeks appointment of administrators

According to its balance sheet, the company owed more than £1.8 million to creditors in 2022

Microblade Ltd, a manufacturer based in Sheffield, England, has applied for the appointment of administrators. Headquartered on Sanderson Street and with a market presence since 1975, the company specializes in the production of paper converting blades, as well as orbital saw blades and various types of circular blades.

According to the financial statement for the year ended March 31, 2022, the company maintained an average of 47 employees throughout 2022 and presented debts in excess of £1.8 million to its creditors.

Microblade’s website highlights that the company has agents and distributors globally, with a presence in markets as diverse as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, South Africa and Europe.

In addition, Microblade emphasizes that it is the world’s only manufacturer of bull saw blades with the capacity to produce a complete range, ranging from 18 to 40-inch diameter blades, directly from its factory.

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