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New paper towels shortage in Hudson Valley, NY

Just like last spring, buyers are seeing products go out of stock again.

In March and April, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, store shelves across the country were completely empty. In Hudson Valley, located in New York, people faced long lines and went from market to market in the hope of finding toilet paper, paper towels, meat and cleaning supplies. It was soon possible to realize that these items were out of stock and would not return to stock anytime soon.

A few months passed and most of the products came back. The shelves were full of toilet paper and hand sanitizers and the meat returned in sufficient quantity for everyone. Just a few cleaning products that are still unpredictable, but since the last month things seemed to be back to normal.

Until the paper towels started to run out of stock again. According to Boris, in an article for the 101.5 WPDH, after visiting several Hudson Valley supermarkets and major retail stores in the past week, he found that paper towels were missing, if not completely absent from the shelves.

Again, just like at the height of the pandemic, finding this product has become a difficult task.

There are many chances for this phenomenon to be happening again in the Hudson Valley. Some people blame mob mentality. Some customers began to replenish their cellars with the necessary supplies for the winter and seeing the shelves that once contained a large supply of paper towels beginning to shrink, left other people in a panic.

Another plausible alternative is that buyers have not forgotten the feeling of shortage that the first wave of scarcity caused, so their natural instinct is to stock up. Add that to supply chain problems due to outbreaks across the rest of the country, which is most likely responsible for the current shortage of paper towels in the Hudson Valley.

101.5 WPDH
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