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Ontex Revolutionizes Bath Time with Innovative Baby Swimming Pants

The new happyfit tm line brings comfort and color to the aquatic experiences of the little ones

Ontex Group NV has introduced a new line of baby swim pants for retailers, based on its expanding HappyFit TM baby pants manufacturing platform. Designed by Ontex engineers, these pants ensure comfort in the water without swelling, thanks to side elastics and a soft, colorful material. The products have undergone rigorous panel testing in Europe, with positive results in key aspects such as “fit”, “leak rate” and “softness”.

Our engineers’ expertise in hygiene materials and our existing manufacturing platform have created a product line that helps retailers grow their popular baby pants offering, while families can enjoy time in the water without breaking the bank. This is what innovation at Ontex is all about: partnering with retailers to develop affordable quality products,” said Annick De Poorter, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Ontex.


Given the growing interest in year-round aquatic activities for young children, baby swim pants represent an opportunity to foster consumer loyalty. According to Euromonitor, this segment is expected to drive market growth over the next four years, with Ontex being a key brand in this space.

Despite the economic downturn, Ontex has outperformed the disposable pants market and maintained double-digit sales growth in 2023. This initiative, along with other innovations in feminine, baby and adult care, highlights Ontex’s ability to deliver innovation in an agile manner, supporting its strategic vision to be the leading partner in the retail and healthcare sectors in Europe and North America.

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