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Pulsar brings a modernized and automatized approach to the tissue industry

The company develops automated solutions for the tissue industry

Established in 1989, Pulsar is specialized in engineering and manufacturing solutions for product handling and conveying. Over the years, the company has focused its activities on the tissue industry.

In the latest Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui chatted with Sol Sonnenschein, Sales Director at Pulsar North America, who started in the end of the 80’s in the industry, in Italy, and has been with Pulsar in North America since 2019.

“For over a decade I was responsible for the Italian tissue market,” he started. “One of the reasons I’m collaborating with Pulsar in North America is my Italian background. The language and the knowledge of the culture make things much easier.”

Pulsar North America is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, since 2015 and it is led by Massimo Capisani, the VP of operations and Massimo Franzaroli, the founder and owner of Pulsar. Currently the company has a warehouse and a showroom which is exhibiting two of its Quatis quality inspection systems and is available for customers to visit.

“It is a small part of our portfolio. Pulsar is a solution provider, so we design and develop solutions for handling machines, conveying systems, quality inspection machines and special machines. Our credo is automation, so we’re trying ever since Mr. Franzaroli started the company to bring automation into the industry because, compared to other industries, we [the tissue industry] are still a bit behind,” said Sol.

Pulsar was the first company to develop a harmonizing software to harmonize the entire converting line. The company has the software and the capability to layout all types of machines that go into the facility.

“We give our customers the possibility to examine all criticalities which could arise within a production process during the project management,” he commented. “We even offer audit services. If somebody is interested in having a line overview and have a line check, we are prepared to do that.”

Developed in 2014, the Quatis (Quality Inspection Machines for Tissue) is one of Pulsar’s pillars. It is a unique system that ensures the quality of 100% of unpacked or packed products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator.

“We recently added our latest member of the Quatis family: our portable Quatis. It is a portable tool which can be installed within 15 minutes on a line. We have two different versions: one for unpacked rolls and one for packed. We use it for presentation purposes but also for troubleshooting or statistic purposes. We are prepared to visit customers with our system and analyze the line for them.”

Pulsar North America has a great synergy with its headquarters in Italy, both working closely to reach their goals. According to Sol, Mr. Franzaroli, the owner, is actively involved in daily business of the company, as well as in the market development in the United States and he is also one of the thriving people in development of new products.

The company is considering having a wider presence in the United States and keeps it mission to design specific solutions for each customer. Pulsar heavily invested in automation and bring a modernized approach to the industry.

Sol also teased some information on a future project called Antares. “Our aim is to have an end-to-end automated converting line and we are very close, so we developed a completely new system in the line. We started the prototype in 2018 and we are now ready to market that product.”

During 2021, the company also faced the industry-wide problem with shipping and supply chain. “Our work was influenced by Covid as it was for everybody else, mainly because of the supply chain shortage. Electric and electronic parts are the most demanding issue, and this is why we had to delay a couple of deliveries, but we are working on it.”

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, Sol believes that Pulsar was lucky to be part of an industry considered essential, unlike many others from different segments that had their productions affected in even more drastic ways.

For 2022, the company will return its participation in trade shows, in which it even intends to present its new product Antares. “We are looking forward to show the audience that we are capable off,” he concludes.

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