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Ship with pulp from UPM is loaded today, in Uruguay

The company invested US$ 280 million in the construction of a specialized pulp terminal in the port of Montevideo, with direct rail access from the facility

This Tuesday, the 23rd, in the port of Montevideo, the ship “Saga Faith” will load the first pulp from the new UPM plant, located in the department of Durazno, according to Juan José Olaizola, undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport (MTOP).

The shipment registers a differentiated operation, since the ship will transport a total of 50 thousand tons of pulp abroad – 20 thousand tons produced in the Durazno plant (UPM2) and loaded today, in the port of Montevideo, while the other 30 thousand tons, produced in the company’s first facility (UPM1), located in Fray Bentos, already stowed, in the port of Nueva Palmira.

Built in 2019, the ship “Saga Faith” is the newest in the fleet dedicated to this type of cargo. The ship left Montevideo with its highest cargo capacity – 50,000 tons –, optimizing logistics for the transport of pulp produced in Uruguay, differentiating itself from other ports in the region, according to the head of the Ministry of Transport.

The pulp cargo from the port of Montevideo will be mobilized at the new UPM Pulp Terminal, designed to operate 24 hours a day and will rely on the work of hundreds of people. “It is important to point out, as the company informed us, that more than 100 workers will participate in this logistical operation”, explained Olaizola.


The logistics started today at the port of Montevideo, foresee the operation of 70 ships a year with cargoes of pulp for export and 30 ships that will arrive at the main port with chemical inputs for the company’s new plant.

According to Olaizola, the new operation at the terminal focused on cellulose consolidates a port policy that bets on the specialization of areas, with the objective of optimizing costs and providing quality services to the most varied types of cargo that are handled in the port.

The specialization of port areas is a government policy that is committed to operating through specialized terminals for containers, bulk, cellulose and the construction of a wharf for international fishing, among other initiatives.


In addition to the investments made by UPM to build its pulp mill in Uruguay, the company also invested US$ 280 million in the construction of a specialized pulp terminal in the port of Montevideo, with direct rail access from the mill.

The port of Montevideo will be the only deep-water port on the Río de la Plata connected directly to a railroad.

According to the Finnish pulp and paper producer, the UPM terminal in the port was created and built based on the best available techniques, in compliance with national and European standards and “according to the multinational standards”, using the same industrial design criteria as the construction of the new Durazno pulp mill.

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