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Suzano confirms new pulp price readjustments for April

Increases are valid for Chinese, European and North American markets and range from $50 to $100

Suzano confirmed new pulp price readjustments for April. In China, orders for next month will reflect an increase of US$ 100 per ton of hardwood, reaching US$ 780 a ton.

The adjustment for Europe and North America will be US$ 50 per ton. Thus, the reference price for eucalyptus fiber in the European market will rise to US$ 1,250 per ton and, in North America, to US$ 1,460 per ton, as of April 1st.

In addition, there was a readjustment for fluff type pulp, used in disposable diapers and sanitary towels, which has been negotiated at historic prices in the international market. In this case, the increase will be US$ 100 per ton.

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