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The Kinetic Co. releases its new website

Completely redesigned, the new website offers current information about the company and its products to customers

Along with growth, comes change. As the Kinetic Co. expands its business, the need for a new sales approach including digital media has become essential.

“Critically important is our ability to connect, communicate and share information with our customers. COVID may have changed how we do business forever, however, through our new website and social media channels we are much better equipped to manage this process than ever before.” says Rocky Sperka, CEO of the company.

The creation of a new website was at the forefront of Kinetics strategic planning for 2021 and in the modernization process of the company, which constantly seeks to reinvent its approach to reach the industries it serves.

Important aspects were evaluated, and it was critical that the user had the ease of navigation to locate their desired products and services. The website was redesigned with a more intuitive interface and with a layout adapted for mobile platforms.

“The new website shows our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Now more than ever, we see that connecting through the internet is the future of how initial business connections will be made. All of us here at Kinetic are excited about the new opportunities we will see in 2021 and beyond,” says Cash Masters, President of Kinetic.

Some highlights of the new website include the opportunity to download all of Kinetics’ brochures in their download center as well as the opportunity to “Meet the Team”. There is now a News section where monthly press releases will be found to keep all their customers up to date. Feel free to contact them by visiting the Contact Us page to send them a message.


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Checkout the new Kinetic website:

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