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Thinx Launches Moist Panties Campaign

Period underwear brand recently expanded its air collection

Period underwear brand, Thinx, announced that the brand is behind the mysterious “Moist Panties’” campaign aimed at ridding the world of ‘moist panties’ figuratively and literally, once and for all. To answer this call, Thinx has recently expanded its air collection, offering sweat-wicking, breathable, ultra-thin, micromesh underwear designed for drier, moisture-free days on your period and off. The collection now features two new colors, the neutral Sand and Dusk, in addition to Electrolight, Superberry, and Black in Hiphugger and Bikini.

Based on insights from a national survey that found Americans are not satisfied with current period care products and disdain the terms “moist” and “panties,” the campaign entices consumers to visit where they learn they no longer have to deal with moist underwear.

“Thinx is deeply committed to addressing taboo topics, to drive conversations that normalize the way our bodies work and are authentic to our customers’ real-life experiences,” said Crystal Zerrenner, Chief Growth Officer, Thinx. “Moist panties at any time – on your period and off – is an everyday reality.  We are proud to launch another bold program that shines a light on the natural moisture women experience everyday and offer sustainable solutions to keep them fresh and dry. After all, thanks to Thinx moisture-wicking period underwear, ‘moist panties’ no longer exist.”

Thinx commissioned the national survey that revealed a new standard of period care is needed, including a more modern lexicon for women’s health. When selecting period products, nearly all women (90%) report comfort is an important feature, yet nearly a quarter (24%) find it difficult to find products that are comfortable.

Half (50%) find sustainability to be an important feature, yet more than one third (36%) find it difficult to find reusable period products. The survey also found that 66 percent of Americans find the word “moist” cringeworthy and half (52%) don’t like the word “panties.” More than one third of Americans want the terms banished all together from the English language.

“Let’s keep the conversation around moist where it belongs – brownie recipes and skin care products. As menstruators, nobody wants moist underpants, especially when we have our period. I’m proud to partner with Thinx on ‘Moist Panties’ to continue to break stigmas about period care and elevate conversations about what menstruators want, need, and deserve, in the language that we like and understand,” said body positivity advocate, plus-sized model and Thinx ambassador Hunter McGrady.

Known for its bold marketing campaigns and disruptive multi-channel content focused on destigmatizing period care, “Moist Panties” is the latest innovative campaign launched by Thinx.

Moist Panties was developed in partnership with creative agency Mischief. The 360 campaign includes content across social media, TV and YouTube advertisements, and wild postings in several markets such as Atlanta, Denver, Austin, Boston and New York City.

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