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Thinx Revolutionizes Menstrual Protection with New LeakSafe™ Technology

Innovation and design come together in the new Thinx styles to offer up to 12 hours of safety and comfort

Thinx has launched new styles with LeakSafe™ Barrier technology, which offers up to 12 hours of leak protection and continuous absorption throughout the day. This innovation, present throughout the product line, includes a patent-pending 4-layer reinforcement, ensuring exceptional comfort and protection. The recent launches are designed to reduce reliance on disposable products and provide security for users even on the most intense days.

Courtney Newman, senior director of product design at Thinx, said.  “Testing revealed that our new LeakSafe™ barrier technology can withstand heavy flows and is absorbent enough for most users.” “By combining aesthetics with function, we were able to maximize the surface area of the reinforcement while creating a secure barrier that controls fluid movement, resulting in an exceptional product that allows customers to get it all: comfort, style and protection.”

Thinx’s latest technology and design are incorporated throughout its line of period products, reaffirming the brand’s mission to raise the standards in menstrual care to ensure dryness, comfort and peace of mind for those who menstruate throughout the day. Sara Plotkin, vice president of brand and creative at Thinx, noted “During the development process, we challenged ourselves to explore various materials, designs and manufacturing techniques to create the best experience for customers.”

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