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Tissue Plus had an exceptional year despite the pandemic

Even taking a new direction for its business, 2020 was a good year for Tissue Plus

Inaugurated months before the pandemic began, Tissue Plus, a toilet paper factory located in Bangor, Maine, changed its production course. The company had just increased its production when the pandemic spread and demand for tissue products soared.

Initially, the idea of ​​Tissue Plus was to provide AFH (away from home) products to commercial customers such as hotels, airports and offices, but these places ended up closing due to the pandemic and the company had to think about a new strategy.

Now it works daily to produce toilet paper and supply it to retailers and directly to consumers through a mail order business that now has customers in 40 states, Marc Cooper told Bangor Daily News.

In addition to supplying toilet paper and other paper products, the company supplied raw material for antiseptic wipes.

Now, things are starting to slow down and Tissue Plus is focusing on a delayed renovation of its building in Bangor and the company hopes to continue with its original business plan to supply finished paper products to industrial and commercial customers.

 “We see that away-from-home market coming back as people are able to travel more and go back to the office,” Cooper said. “We want to be ready when that happens.”

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