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Tissue Summit Latinoamérica marks a new stage for the Nexum Group

The event integrates the group's proposal to open new horizons and intensify connections between market players

Nexum Group started the second half of the year with the launch of the new Celulose and Packaging Portals – a new challenge in the journalistic coverage of these important markets. Meanwhile, the Tissue Summit Latinoamérica, which will take place on September 19 and 20, in Bogotá, Colombia, is getting closer and closer.

“The country was chosen for its relevance and representativeness in the industry, as it is among the five largest tissue paper manufacturers in Latin America”, explains Felipe Quintino, founder of Tissue Online and CEO of Nexum Group. “The numbers also indicate that Colombia will have a very expressive increase in tissue volume until 2026, being the third in terms of growth in the region, behind Brazil and Mexico”, he adds.

According to the executive, another factor that positively contributed to the choice of Colombia is its strategic geographic position and easy access to other countries in both South and Central America. In addition, the nation also brings together many national and multinational tissue manufacturers and converters.

Quintino highlights that the event is part of the Nexum Group’s proposal to open new horizons and intensify connections between market players. “With the same quality of content that we offer in the Brazilian edition of the event, the Tissue Summit Latinoamérica will be entirely in Spanish and will feature themes that are challenging decision makers in the tissue and personal care markets. The high attendance to the event in Colombia only reinforces the importance of the market in the country and also in the region”, comments the CEO.

Latin America concentrates the main pulp companies and, consequently, promotes the development of the entire chain in the region. In addition, there has been a continuous increase in local tissue paper consumption over the last decade, bringing business opportunities to regional manufacturers.

Recent data from Euromonitor confirm that, despite the impacts suffered by retail, tissue consumption increased by 9% in Brazil and this trend is also seen in other Latin countries that are transforming their consumption habits. “The potential is huge, since per capita consumption of tissue paper in Brazil is 6.5 kg, in Chile it rises to 15 kg and in the US, it reaches the milestone of 24 kg per inhabitant in the year”, says Quintino.

The CEO also highlights that Brazil and Colombia show upward curves in the demand for premium tissue papers, showing a marked trend in the migration of toilet paper from double ply to triple. “This aspect is driven by the recovery of the economy and greater purchasing power of the people, in comparison with other Latin American countries”, he observes.

In this context of similarities, complementarities and differences between markets, the Tissue Online team leaves for Colombia in order to anticipate market movements, bring together and generate value for all its partners, marking a new stage for the group.

“The invitation is open to anyone who wants to be with us. We are certain that it will be another very rich experience and that we will come back full of ideas and full of news”, concludes Felipe Quintino.

Sign up to participate in the Tissue Summit Latinoamérica by clicking here.

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