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Toilet paper makers continue to prepare to meet demand

“We’re running 24/7,” said Cardinal Tissue owner Vince Reese. “We can’t keep up with all of the demand.”

A new race to buy and stock up on toilet paper is running out of bath tissue options and manufacturers are doing their best to keep up with demand and ensure their products are found on the shelves.

Last week, Fox46 visited the Cardinal Tissue factory, located about 70 miles west of Charlotte, to find out why this is happening and what the industry is doing to keep the shelves stocked.

“We’re running 24/7,” said Cardinal Tissue owner Vince Reese. “We can’t keep up with all of the demand.”

Cardinal Tissue manufactures toilet paper and paper towels and now business is growing.

According to Reese, the new shortage is happening almost at a repetition at a faster rate than it did in April and he also believes that this new race for toilet paper is linked to record peaks of coronavirus cases across the country.

“You’re starting to see things shut down again and people worried about being kind of contained for a period of time,” said Reese. “So, they’re preparing for that. And part of that preparation is making sure they have enough toilet paper. ”

At Cardinal Tissue, automated machines convert 35 tons of paper into paper products that are sent to regional stores and some national chains.

The company estimates that it is launching around 20 to 30% more products across the sector, to keep up with the growing demand. To this end, it ordered new equipment in order to double production, producing up to four million boxes per year.

Reese still thinks the current scarcity could last even the reverse, depending on the amount of time people spend in their homes.

The heart of the matter is that even if suppliers are much better prepared to meet demand, there is no need for panic buying. Buy only what you really need.

Check the original story in Fox 46.

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