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Essity translates its global sustainability strategy into the 4R’s

The company is breaking barriers to assure the well-being of the world

According to the company, sustainability is a complicated and confusing topic to over 50% of UK adults, so they decided to simplify things.

In the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the company translates their global sustainability strategy “well-being”, “more from less” and “circularity” into the 4R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Responsible.

When talking about reduce, Essity says: “Where we can reduce unnecessary materials or waste, we will”. Giving the example that, in 2020, they are reducing packaging on Cushelle by 50tonnes a year by using thinner film and removing handles.

One of the ways the company found to reuse their resources is by investing in producing pulp from wheat straw as an alternative to wood-based pulp. Because half of the world’s wheat straw goes to the waste today.

To the “third R”, they are working towards 100% recyclable packaging made with 85% recycled or renewable materials by 2025. In addition, the company Stubbins paper mill’s trials are underway to produce paper towels by using fiber from used coffee cups.

However, Essity believes sustainability isn´t just about the environment, so they have a responsibility to help build sustainable communities too. To do so, their brand Bodyform donates 100,000 pads every month to support over 5,000 charities throughout the UK and ROI.

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