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Italian company plans to create a new toilet paper factory in the UK

The tissue products will be marketed through retailers' own labels as well as ICT's Foxy brand to the UK and Irish markets

Italian-based manufacturer ICT, or Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, is planning to build a new paper mill on the Deeside Industrial estate, in Flintshire.

It is being backed by a £5m Welsh government grant to open its first UK mill.

The company has asked for the public’s opinion on the move ahead of submitting a planning application. ICT announced initial plans in May – with 229 jobs created at first when the base is set up. The aim is to build in three final phases, with the final of these only going ahead if there is enough market demand for the products.

The tissue products will be marketed through retailers’ own labels as well as ICT’s Foxy brand to the UK and Irish markets.

A spokesman for the company said: “ICT has carried out a very thorough feasibility study of potential sites all over the UK during the last three years and we are more than pleased with our final choice to make Deeside our new home and to expand our business footprint to north Wales and to the UK”.

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