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Kimberly-Clark with Huggies Celebrates 10 years of innovation in preemie diapers for premature babies

Making a difference in neonatal care with the production of 30 million specialized micro and nano diapers for the growth and development of the little ones

Kimberly-Clark and Huggies celebrate a decade not only for innovation in diapers, but also for their positive influence on neonatal care. In collaboration with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses and therapists, the company developed Huggies® Micro and Nano Preemie diapers. Designed in various sizes for babies up to 4 pounds, these have become essential in care, providing an optimal fit and vitally contributing to the growth and development of premature babies.

The team at the Kimberly-Clark Experimental and Prototyping Facility in Neenah, WI, has manufactured 30 million Micro and Nano diapers for premature babies, supporting the growth and development of the youngest consumers. Since their launch, these diapers have laid the foundation for future innovations in the premature baby products industry. Huggies’ partnership with healthcare professionals has been critical to this success, ensuring diapers are designed with the experience and knowledge necessary to address the unique needs of premature babies.

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