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Navigator inaugurates its largest photovoltaic solar plant

Located in the industrial complex of Figueira da Foz, Portugal, the new plant will avoid the emission of 1,296 tons of CO2 per year

The Navigator Company officially inaugurated its largest photovoltaic solar plant, which has been in operation since January at the Figueira da Foz industrial complex, in Portugal. According to the company, the new solar plant will avoid the emission of 1,296 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) per year.

The conclusion of the project contributes to the fulfillment of the company’s decarbonization strategy. “As the first Portuguese company – and also one of the first in the world – to make a commitment to anticipate, in 15 years, its carbon neutrality, The Navigator Company will have, until 2035, all its neutral industrial complexes in carbon emissions, investing a total of 154 million euros to accomplish this mission, of which 55 million euros, about 35%, have already been made in 2019 and 2020,” said Navigator, in a statement.

The new photovoltaic plant in Figueira da Foz is Navigator’s fourth project in the area of ​​solar energy, “with the company investing, globally, more than 4.7 million euros in the installation of 17,200 photovoltaic solar panels, with an approximate area of ​​28,500 m²,” according to the note.

The new Figueira da Foz plant has an installed capacity of approximately 2.6 MW and is composed of 7,700 solar panels. As a result, it becomes the largest plant in the group, “surpassing the capacity of the one installed in the industrial complex of Setúbal (2.2 MW).”

It comes to increase Navigator’s capacity to produce renewable electricity with zero CO2 emissions, and in addition to avoiding CO2 emissions, it contributes to reducing the volume of energy purchased from the electricity grid.

Installed on the roof of the paper manufacturing area of ​​the Figueira da Foz industrial complex, it occupies an area of ​​approximately 13,500 m² and has an estimated annual energy production of 3,500 MWh, which is equivalent to the consumption of 1,327 electric cars traveling 20 thousand kilometers in a year, depending on the company.

The Navigator Company produces about 2.5 TWh of electricity annually, more than 60% from biomass, being responsible for an average of about 4% of the national production of electricity and 52% of the electricity produced from biomass in Portugal. Currently, it has four self-consumption photovoltaic plants – in Setúbal, on the roof of one of the paper machines, in Pegões, in Herdade de Espirra, in Aveiro, in Raiz – Forest Research Institute and now in the industrial complex da Figueira da Foz – “which will allow you to reach, at the end of this year, about 5 MW of installed capacity, from solar energy.”

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