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Paper Excellence’s Port Alberni plant receives US$145,000 in CleanBC grants for sustainable projects

Catalyst Paper division to conduct feasibility studies on biofuel efficiency and heat recovery systems to reduce fossil fuel reliance and greenhouse gas emissions

Paper Excellence’s Catalyst Paper division in Port Alberni has secured two CleanBC Industry Fund grants totaling US$145,000 for feasibility studies on sustainable business projects.

The first grant, amounting to US$51,000, will enable Catalyst Paper to explore improved offloading and delivery options for its biofuel. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of offloading hogfuel at the plant and boost biofuel steam production, thereby reducing the consumption of natural gas in its No. 4 power boiler and auxiliary boilers.

The second grant, approximately US$94,000, will support the investigation into the feasibility of power boiler stack heat recovery. This project envisions the installation of a heat-recovery system in the power boiler exhaust. The recovered heat would offset the heat generated from fuel combustion.

“Both of our projects are designed to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels”, stated Keith Ellwood, interim manager at Paper Excellence’s Catalyst Paper plant in Port Alberni. He added that the studies aim to identify methods for reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. If successful, these processes could potentially be implemented across other Paper Excellence plants.

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