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Suzano allocates around 40% of its areas to conservation

In addition to conservation areas, the company maintains around 1.3 million hectares of planted forests

The Brazilian pulp company Suzano reached the milestone of 975 thousand hectares of areas destined for conservation, the equivalent of approximately 40% of the total 2.38 million hectares maintained by the company, between planting and conservation areas. The company maintains around 1.3 million hectares of planted eucalyptus forests, and also plants 460,000 seedlings a day, including eucalyptus and native forest plants.

One of its “Commitments to Renew Life” (long-term goals) is to connect 500,000 hectares of priority areas for preservation in the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Amazon biomes by 2030.

“The development of new products of renewable, recyclable and biodegradable origin is fundamental for a society that, fortunately, is increasingly aware of environmental issues. In this sense, we have increasingly evolved towards the bioeconomy from new applications of our raw material, that is, planted trees”, says Pablo Machado, executive director for China and, currently, also responsible for the Sustainability area at Suzano.

To be increasingly sustainable, the company intends to offer 10 million tons of products of renewable origin made from biomass, seeking to replace fossil derivatives, such as plastics. In order to achieve these goals, solutions are developed based on innovation in the service of sustainability, expanding the use of its forestry base in solutions that go beyond paper and pulp.

Suzano’s diversified portfolio has a number of lines, including Eucafluff®, focused on applications in absorbent and disposable personal care products, such as diapers and feminine absorbents; in addition to microfibrillar cellulose used to produce the world’s first sustainable textile fiber, among others. All this in addition to cellulose, the raw material for all these products and for a wide range of paper and packaging.

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