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Tork introduces its sustainable Natural Color toilet paper and hand towel line

The leading brand in workplace hygiene offers eco-friendly solutions that combine sustainability and exceptional softness

Tork, the world’s leading brand in workplace hygiene products and service, highlighted the importance of toilet paper and hand towels from its Tork Natural Color line. These products, with their distinctive light brown shade, not only convey the customer’s sustainability values to employees, guests and visitors, but are also distinguished by their softness to the touch, surpassing traditional recycled toilet paper in this respect. In addition, 30-50% of the fibers used in these products come from used corrugated cardboard containers, with the remainder coming from other recycled fiber sources, ensuring more sustainable production. All products are FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified.

According to Tomas Gandemo, global director of brand innovation at Tork, the brand has long manufactured products made from high-quality office paper, newspapers and other materials. However, these resources are becoming scarce due to the increase in people working from home and companies adopting paperless practices. “There is a general shortage of high quality recycled paper as more people work from home and companies are shifting to paperless behaviors,” he explained.

For her part, Ivette Perez Badillo, global brand director for toilet systems, says Tork Natural Color products maintain the same quality and softness as Tork Advanced products, eliminating the need for customers to choose between sustainability and performance. “Customers no longer need to choose between sustainability and performance,” he asserted. “The Tork Natural Color family of products is an excellent choice for customers who want to show their environmental commitment while maintaining the same high Tork quality.”

The environmental commitment is reflected in practice through initiatives such as Tork PaperCircle®, where customers can collect and recycle their used hand towels at local recycling centers, thus contributing to a more sustainable life cycle. This program has been successful in recycling around 25 million hand towels per month in 14 countries.

The results of user research indicate that both office workers and restaurant visitors positively view the adoption of natural-colored paper towels made from 100% recycled materials as an effective way to demonstrate environmental commitment. Most respondents also expressed acceptance of the use of single-use recycled products, such as cartons, and stressed the importance of maintaining quality in natural-colored toilet paper products.

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