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“It´s our home”, P&G announces new climate commitment

The goal for 2030 is to be carbon neutral for the decade

P&G is committed to address the issues surrounding climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new focus on how much people´s lives and health depend on the health of our planet. Therefore, P&G announced a new goal to accelerate their climate actions through the “It´s our home” climate commitment, which aims to make them a carbon neutral company for the decade.

In order to achieve this goal the plan is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions across operations, purchase renewable energy by pursuing new wind, solar and geothermal projects, fund a range of projects that will protect, improve and restore essential carbon reserves like specific forests, mangroves, wetlands and peatlands which store a big amount of carbon; among others.

According to Conservation International ( the next decade represents a decisive period of time to protect the planet trough shared actions. By failing to do that, the world may suffer drastic climate changes such as rising sea levels, droughts, wildfires, extreme water events and forced animal migrations.

Besides these efforts, P&G is committed to offer their customers (Nearly 5 billion people) sustainable products that can help save energy, water and natural resources, giving them the ability to reduce their own carbon footprints.

They commit to take measures to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

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