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Kimberly-Clark may close UK facility amidst new legislation

Following the announcement of its potential closure, hundreds of jobs are reportedly at risk

Kimberly-Clark, a leading global company in essential consumer products, has announced it is considering closing its Flint, U.K. manufacturing facility. This decision came in response to the U.K. government’s directive to eliminate plastic from wet wipes by mid-2026. The company stated that this action “significantly limits” its ability to adapt its processes in time, potentially making it “no longer viable” to keep the site running.

While the U.K. government’s directive accelerates the timeline, the company has long included phasing out plastics from its baby wipes as a key component of its sustainability strategy. However, a spokesperson explained: “We’re unable to meet the UK government’s deadline of mid-2026 as it significantly limits our ability to adapt our consumer manufacturing processes in Flint in time, which means it may no longer be viable to keep our sites operational”.

The Flint factory employs approximately 220 people and will remain operational until 2025, even if the closure plan proceeds.

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