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Suzano increases pulp prices for North America and Europe

A few days ago, the company had already reported a price adjustment for customers in Asia

The world’s largest producer of eucalyptus pulp Suzano announced, on Tuesday 31st, an increase in fiber prices for the regions of North America and Europe, effective from June.

For the North American market, the price of the commodity will be adjusted by US$ 60, to US$ 1,580 a ton; for European customers, the increase will be from US$ 50 to US$ 1,350 per ton.

A few days ago, Suzano, together with other manufacturers, had already reported a price readjustment for customers in Asia by US$ 30.

According to the company, the increases are justified by a scenario of the global market composed of tight supply, low inventories and strong demand, in addition to logistical restrictions and high costs.

The company will also raise the price of a ton of fluff pulp, used in products such as sanitary pads. In this case, the adjustment will be US$ 80, valid for all markets.

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