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For Sofidel sustainability is a commitment

“We take sustainability very seriously and we are trying to be consistent with what we say and what we do” – Fabio Vitali

Currently the 5th largest paper manufacturer worldwide, Sofidel is an important figure in the North American tissue, producing At Home and Away from Home products.

During the latest Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui chatted with Fabio Vitali, Vice President Marketing at Sofidel North America, who brought some about the company’s history in the North American market.

“Everything started in 2012, when Sofidel acquired another company in north America that was very involved mainly in the AFH business, this was almost ten years ago. Now Sofidel has been investing almost $1billion in North America to expand its operations with new factories and also reshaping some existing ones,” Fabio explained.

Marketing efforts for Sofidel are very clear. The company has been investing in the growth of its line of business in the AFH, retail and e-commerce in a more important way.

“I’m pretty proud about the development that we had, especially on the marketing side, because we have been serving our seas strategy effectively with initiatives that are going beyond the normal tissue paper activities.”

Sustainability is a major pilar for Sofidel. According to Fabio, it all started in 2009, when the company joined the WWF climate save program with the commitment of reducing CO2 emissions.

“We completed this program successfully and after that, Sofidel has been investing hundreds of millions of dollars in suitability efforts,” he explained.

As one of its product development strategies to be more sustainable, the company launched to the North American market its Nikki brand toilet paper and paper towel, that are plastic-free packaging retail products that merge sustainability with high-quality and absorbency.

Though Nikki is not the only development for the North American market. Sofidel has also started a small business initiative running withing the Papernet brand which is another plastic free packaging.

“It’s an initiative that is addressing the contamination of the plastic pollution and the problem in the water that we’re experiencing across the globe and these new products are designed for small business and also will be available online soon.”

Another initiative recently developed by Sofidel was a dispenser that is not made of typical ABS polyethylene plastic, they’re made of ocean plastic, specifically fish nets that are taken away from the seas, reprocessed and used in the product manufacture. According to Fabio, they1re the most sustainable dispenses in the market.

“These efforts are all for a very simple reason: we have a commitment. We take sustainability very seriously and we are trying to be consistent with what we say and what we do. Our commitment is to reduce by 50% our plastic in products by 2030.”

To engage stakeholders with sustainable actions, Sofidel places annually an event that awards suppliers for sustainable actions. In the America, the company also partners with Ocean Conservancy, one of the most important American nonprofit organizations, that’s committed with ocean and water preservation.

Be sure to watch the complete Talk Tissue to learn more about Sofidel’s sustainable actions and its Nikki brand:

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