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Renova launches new summer inspired line

The new napkins and kitchen rolls feature bold colors, images of animals and leaves in varying shades of green

To celebrate the summer season, Renova has just launched new lines of decorated and very colorful napkins and kitchen rolls, ideal for decorating tables on special dates that take place in the European summer.

The new products feature strong colors, images of animals and leaves in varying shades of green. The kitchen rolls, in vibrant tones, reinforce the joy of the season, highlighting yellow, blue and green. The new lines now join Renova’s colorful napkins, pocket squares and toilet paper.

This launch reinforces the cycle of collections to be launched throughout 2022 by the company, which aim to celebrate the uniqueness and essence of each season of the year.

In this way, the company’s new products feature distinct colors and design that, as is in the brand’s DNA, reject monotony, celebrate life and aim to inspire citizens to make Renova, increasingly, a brand present in their daily lives.

The new products are available at the main distribution stores in Portugal and at .


Renova is the largest tissue paper benchmark in the world and its products are available worldwide in more than 60 countries. The brand’s designs are recognized for being colorful, functional and abusing the lights and movements of their creations.

The company also offers elegant and eco-friendly disposable paper solutions for the home and body. The company’s main products are tissue papers for domestic and sanitary use, such as toilet paper, handkerchiefs, napkins and kitchen towels.

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